Yarn Along: Roses for Rosie Crochet Shawl


This, I am so proud and pleased to say, is actually Rose’s yarn project.  When she was little, she loved braiding and finger-knitting, but when we tried knitting-on-needles, she was rather bored with the whole thing, and found it difficult to manage the needles.  I let the matter drop, but one day (when I was making crocheted rag rugs) she got really curious, and wanted to try.  Now that I think about it, crochet is a much smaller leap to make from finger-knitting than knitting-on-needles.

Inspired, she got out one of my crochet hooks and worked on a simple square piece, which was my first crochet project, too, and turned out sort of the way mine did when I was her age – that is to say, not square at all.

But she kept her interest, and asked me if she could get some special yarn for her to work on.  Together we picked out some variegated yarn (I think it’s funner to work with when you are just starting out – it breaks up the monotony, and you try to anticipate how the color patterns will work out).  Together we have designed a simple first big project – a shawl.

I’m really more of a knitter, despite the fact that I learnt crochet first, I have not developed the skill as I have with knitting.  So we are plugging along slowly, trying to figure this out!  I worked out the gauge swatch for her, but had her help with the bothersome math.  There was an initial disaster while we figured out how to join the ends without a twist, but now we’ve really gotten along nicely, I think, for an inch or so.

She picks it up, here and there, to work on.  So this might be a shawl in a year…maybe more, as some projects go….but it is her project, worked in Malabrigo so aptly named “English Rose.”

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  1. I LOVE that color of Malabrigo! (And have used it in two of my designs I love it so much!). I am the same way, I originally learned to crochet, and then turned to knitting, knitting and more knitting. My kids want to learn to crochet, so maybe I’ll try to dust off my skills and help them!


    1. I am really loving it, too! All the different colors they managed to blend into it are amazing.


  2. Leslie says:

    2 out of 3 daughters knit, the third tried but didn’t like it. We all quilt together, that is so much fun. Good times ahead for you.


    1. Yes, we are enjoying it! Quilting sounds like so much fun!


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