Cricket’s Twins

Nubian goats


Our goat herd has gotten large recently, and feels a bit overwhelming.  Two sets of twins again this year brought the head count up to 14.  The newest twins, Cricket’s twin doelings, are up romping around with everyone now.  In the midst of our kitty getting lost (and finding her way home again), I hardly got to spend any time with them.


goat twins


We named them Dragonfly and Katydid.  I realized I hardly have any pictures of baby goats doing anything except napping.  I tried to take some pictures of the new kids, and realized why.


goats romping

They are always doing mad things and romping around.  Almost all my photographs were blurry, unless they had an unflattering end pointing towards me.


goat kid


The other pictures were terrifying close-ups of Peasy trying to figure out how to eat the camera.




And so, here we go again, another baby goat taking a nap (after a long romp with lots of ears flapping and little hooves kicking).  They really are not always napping!




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