This weekend we got some much-needed work done of re-locating Ethan’s junk pile (for the third, and hopefully, last time).  We came across these interesting creatures.

The top one is a Rosy Wolf Snail – a predatory snail that eats other snails.  It was the largest snail I’ve seen in Florida – although nothing special compared to some of the snails and slugs I’ve come across in the Alps.  Clothilde took to carrying it around with an unfortunate woolly bear caterpillar that she had found earlier.  At some point, she dropped the snail into the oak leaf litter all around, and it never turned up again.  It blended in perfectly.  This was very distressing (for Clothilde – I’m sure the snail felt otherwise), and she kept bursting into tears and wondering what had happened to “her snail” until I told her a story about the snail having to go to a party with some friends.

The spider in the second picture is a Wolf Spider.  It was taking it’s ease on a 6-inch plastic bin in the barn – which means it has a leg-span of nearly 5 inches.  It looks as if it subsists on small birds or something.  Hopefully that’s as large as it can get, or it might start eating Chicago.

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