Crazy Goats, and the dangers of being too close

David has had his work cut out for him lately – three of the girls went into heat in quick succession.  Little April was the first to cycle.  Her dad’s African Pygmy genes came out in her, so she is very short compared to David.  It would have been comic if  goat foreplay didn’t look so much like sexual harassment.  He was chasing her around so much when I was milking, I tried to separate her out to give her a break, but she looked at me like, “What?” when I opened the gate and called her.  So I left her in and tried to avert my eyes.

It’s amazing what hormones will do.  For one day – and of course the one day they are fertile – they find him attractive enough.  After that they are apparently repulsed by him again.  No wonder they act crazy when they are in heat!  They have to be crazy enough to actually get close to him and tolerate his obnoxious male behaviour.  It’s easy to see why Dionysus was accompanied by satyrs who were half-goat.  I’m sure Pan’s beard was decidedly whiffy, too.

Speaking of which – David has a shocking range.  I was milking Cricket, and he was “courting” Twilight Sparkle in the weaning paddock about 15 feet away.  Her hormones had not yet made her insane enough to let him get close, so he stopped to refresh his cologne.  He started spraying himself while facing me, and all the droplets were illuminated by the setting sun.  He almost peed on me!  15 feet away!

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