A Break

We finally got around to processing the rest of the turkeys.  There were only seven left, but we had to 1) Clean out the lower room, which is a nightmare of junk 2) Move in the new freezer and set it up 3) Wait for a weekend it was not raining.

We ALMOST got #3 right….the weather last Saturday was supposed to be gorgeous, sunny, and cool.  Sunday was supposed to be rainy, grey and awful, so we made plans for Saturday.

Of course it was grey, rainy and awful all day on Saturday, and Sunday was a blaze of golden light, but we got it done through the showers of cold rain.  Clothilde enjoyed helping a lot, and Rose helped cut the legs off.  Some of them were fairly large (about 55 lbs was the joke).  We also culled the last five white egg layers, who hadn’t layed for ages (they were ancient and badly behaved – they kept escaping into the garden and scratching up my vegetables).  I am excited about chicken and dumplings.

This also reduces Ethan’s chore-load to feeding/moving the pigs, delivering hay to the cows every few days, and the current batch of egg chickens.  Hopefully this will give him time to finish working on the barn sides, a new cold smoker, and some other big projects he just hasn’t had time for.

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