Biggest Billy Goat Gruff



On Thursday we went to see the buck.  He’s big, beautiful, and very friendly.  The family who raised him is having to move, and they are very sad to say goodbye to him.  He’s also extremely smelly – just how a buck should be.

When we got him to the farm, we first had to pull the truck up and stop to move a bucket and Clothilde’s hand-me-down plastic ATV that I’m appalled to say we own.  Well, maybe “own” is too strong of a word.  It blights our landscape.

The girls smelled him before they could get a good look at him.  Firefly was the first one who came over, sniffing and staring.  He was thrilled to see the girls when we backed the trailer into their paddock.  They were all up and in a curious group, sniffing and staring at him.  We let him out and he ran right down to the gate to get in with them.

May, being the pluckiest, came right up and tried to show him who was boss.  That lasted about two seconds.  Then she realized her mistake and fled to the huddle of damsels in the far corner.  We had to leave them in together in the smaller weaning paddock while we backed the truck out and closed the gate.  The girls were not impressed.

 “Hmmm….they don’t seem to like me.”


“Why are they running away?”


“I know, I need to pee on my beard again.  That will make me irresistible”

When I opened the gate a few minutes later to let them into the larger paddock, I was careful to stand aside so I wasn’t trampled.  He came charging after them, playfully leaping and kicking.  He ran them around for a little while, and then settled down by the hay, while they stayed in a little group at the farthest corner away possible, and looked indignant and miserable.  It wasn’t a good first impression with them, but I’m sure they’ll come around.

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