The Greediest Goat

We arrived at the farm the other day to see the goats wandering around at the end of the driveway.  Someone had a bucket stuck on their head.  This turned out to be May.  It was quite a desperate drive to get to them, because they can easily reach my little garden starts that are finally thriving.  It is exactly the kind of thing they would gravitate to and messily devour.

They had – by some miracle – not gotten that far yet.

May took some chasing to finally get the bucket off of her – it is obvious who is the greediest goat, I think.  She preferred to wander shamelessly around with it swinging by her neck than be caught and wriggled out of it (I don’t think goats feel shame – or if they do, they are very good at hiding it.  I think I saw a flicker of it the one time Cricket played King of the Mountain with Firefly and slipped on the hay and landed most ungracefully on her backside).

An interesting thing about the dumpster dived food – although Rose calls it “cart diving,” because most of the food we nabbed before it got to the dumpster.  I can’t believe the amount of packaging that goes into it!  And to think that most people eat that kind of food for regular meals….it boggles the mind.  No wonder all my neighbors have the largest trash cans on the side of the road on trash day.  There’s about a cup of frozen organic berries per plastic bag.  And it costs like $7.  So our twenty blueberry bushes must make hundreds of dollars worth of organic blueberries every year.  And the fact that we freeze them in full gallon bags makes the packaging seem incredibly minimalistic.  Wonderful!

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