You Know Your Garden is Overgrown When….

you find a wild turkey nest tucked into the zuchini!

  I came across this egg the other day, and picked it up thinking Ethan had accidentally let one of Gorgeous’s eggs roll off.  But then I noticed it was in a nest!

(Gorgeous, by the way, was one of the turkeys we had raised for Christmas years ago, but Ethan kind of fell in love with her – she’s very pretty and friendly – so she’s been a pet.  She lays huge eggs for most of the year, so I guess it might be worth it to keep her around.)

I had seen a turkey hen pop out from over there the other day while I was working on planting the corn….I thought she was just passing through on her way to the pond.  (Correction:  it’s really more of a water hole more than a pond.  It’s left over from when Danny was trying to build a cob house and just left a big pit in the ground.  It’s amazing how much wildlife is attracted to the tiny bit of water.  The mud around it is always covered with tracks.)

It kind of lets my mom off the hook – I had asked her to harvest vegetables while we were gone so they would get eaten instead of just being massive and inedible when we got home.  When I got back, I found a bunch of zucchini and cucumbers the size of Clothilde’s legs, and a patty pan squash the size of her head.  I told my mom she did everything wonderfully, except she forgot to eat the vegetables, and she replied that she couldn’t find them, which sounded ridiculous.  It’s a fairly large garden, but still.  The cucumbers are right in the front, too.

In the two weeks I was absent, the weeds really took over, which is a major reason I haven’t put up any pictures of the garden itself.  It looks like an abandoned field.  You have to dig around to find the vegetables.  It will feed us, but it’s not a garden to brag about this year.  I’ve decided to just let it go and focus on some of the more important – and less cosmetic – things that need done.  Anyway, it has apparently become sufficiently weedy to raise a brood of wild turkeys in.

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