Nice to Crest

A view of (I think) Nice from up high near an old cemetery
Clothilde running up a cobblestone road in Crest
Mirin, my dad, my friend Vincent, and me walking in old Crest
(I think) a picture of the rooftops of Crest with mountains in the distance.  Mirin couldn’t wait to get to the Alps.
My dad and Clothilde in downtown Crest.  Pollarded trees are very popular for landscaping there.
One of the many beautiful roses growing in Crest
An old prison (Vincent said built maybe around 1000 AD for the Protestants) in Crest
The beaches in Nice are pebbles, not sand
Playing in the Mediterranean.  It was cold.
Rose at the Roman-Gaulish ruins in Nice.  We ended up walking up a crazy number of stairs to get there.  It looked so short on the map.  Mirin almost didn’t make it, but it was good because by the time we got to the Alps, he didn’t complain at all.
The view from the crazy long staircase on the way to the ruins in Nice
Hey everyone,
No internet until late last night, but here’s what we did.
We left the gite and met Vincent for lunch in crest. Then we walked up winding covered streets to the big jail/castle on the hill. This time Mirin and Rose ran on ahead and Clo on my shoulders kept shouting “Catch Mirin Rosie!”. Her new shoes give her blisters so she couldn’t catch then herself. They are Nice shoes, so they are very stylish, very expensive, and not practical at all. By the time we got to the top we didn’t have time to go in, and it was tres cher anyway.
On the way down, there was a spring coming out of the wall with a non potable sign on one side, and a historical plaque on the other explaining that people had been drinking there since the 1300s and that it was famous for tasting so sweet that it was called the sap spring. Vincent said he drank there all the time and it was fine. It was the best water we’ve had the whole time, even the alpine springs aren’t quite as nice.
We finally left Crest after stopping by Vincent’s apartment and wading in the river, about two hours later than we planned.

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