In the Garden: Welcoming Summer

The winter garden is at the point of maturing and declining.  I could re-plant things, but I am happy to let what we have still be enough.  This way, all our attention is on laying the foundations of our summer garden.

In the very warm weather, the brassicas have burst into bloom, broccoli going to flower before I could pick it, lettuce, turnips and parsley bolting, lacy yellow flowers nodding on the dill.

Still, it will feed us.  The second planting of Brussel sprouts and cauliflower is big and vigorous, the kale is broad and healthy, the collards – unpicked now for many weeks as we caught up on eating other things – are full and ready.  And the kolhrabi.  So much kolhrabi.  I guess I didn’t quite realize when I started that whole flat for a second planting.

I pulled the last of the daikons that I planted back in January.  They were starting to go to seed.  I made some quick brined pickles with them late at night – and added a few kolhrabi…just because.

As many things fade, the potatoes are beginning to sprout, the onions are maturing, the beets and carrots are maturing – and the tomatoes and summer vegetables are quietly growing in their pots, waiting for their turn.

It’s such an exciting time, this turning of seasons.  I am constantly tired – if I have any energy at all, I work more.  There’s so much to be done still, to create the garden I dream of.

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