Nature Finds: Spring

 Spring is really here – a little late this year (for Florida).  Many of the plums have finished blooming in town, but the Chickasaw plum in the garden just burst into flower.  Even the shy dogwoods are white in the woods.

 The late-blooming blueberries are now covered in flowers.  The bushes are so tall now – as tall as I am.  If we don’t get any more frosts, it looks like we’ll have a good blueberry year.  The early-blooming ones seemed to have weathered the last cold spell well, but alas, the Snow Queen doesn’t seem to have any peaches this year.  The Florida King peaches all wisely waited to bloom, so perhaps we will have some from them.

In the tender green leaves – a thousand shades of new green – the tent caterpillars are out in droves in the plum trees.  The boys who live down the street have several as “pets.”  They will be wonderful pets for them, because they are easily replaceable if one gets squished by accident.

 It looks like daffodils, but it is a lovely slime mold in the garden near the onions.  They love the compost beds!  At least it adds some lovely spring color.  They, too, are flowers, in their own way.

Even Ms. Gophy, the gopher tortoise, has been out and about.  You can see that she has been spring-cleaning her burrow, pushing all the sand back out again that washed in from the rain.  I have been seeing her when I bring the goats down and back again to be milked.  She hisses at us, and scudders down her hole again.  She doesn’t approve of us lumbering giants.

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