Last night we had a wonderful group of friends out to celebrate Imbolc (Candlemas) with us, a time to reflect on how we have used our gifts and resources, and find what really is needed for this new year.  It was a great opportunity to set off the huge pile of weeds and old pallets that had accumulated out of the garden and orchard.  Having learned the hard way from the kids’ birthday party last year, when we had a huge, 30-foot out-of-control blaze setting fire to nearby hay bales while everyone was arriving, we lit it off well in advance this time.  (and we remembered to hook up the hose, too.  Big improvements.)

Only one other kid showed up, which was a big disappointment to my children, everyone else we know with kids either struck down by illness or attending the Medieval Fair’s last day.  With our friends we offered up our wishes and blessed our land and animals.

In proper respect for fertility, we also managed to sqeeze in loading up a big trailer load of hay and manure off of the pastures for the garden.

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