Happy New Year!

I’ll be honest – 2014 was a tough year.  I think starting off the first week of January with whooping cough made a really bad start!  And it was the Year of the Horse, supposedly a bad year for us Rats.  It wasn’t really a bad year.  Just intense, and I kept hurting myself and getting sick.  But at the end I feel on the mend. 

The rye is up and growing well, and that’s something to be thankful for.  It’s a little patchy in places, but it will fill in as it gets bigger.  The cows and goats are going to love it.

The pigs are out on pasture, and Ethan has been cranking out new moveable chicken coops for this year’s pastured poultry.  AND we found a super cheap way to put tons of lime on the pastures.  Yay!

I think that part of the reason it’s seemed like a tough year is that we turned thirty.  Maybe I’m not old and decrepit yet.  Maybe it’s just having a 2-year old.  But thirty feels so old.  I knew it would, too.  I think I should have things together by thirty, and yet…this year I’ve felt like I have less “together” than ever before!  It’s been a year of change.  Somethings I thought I would always like, I’m finding don’t appeal to me anymore.  I’m finding myself thinking wistfully of things I left behind in my mid-twenties, when I moved on to other interests.

2015 – I have so many dreams for you.  Dreams of writing, watercolor painting, traveling to France, and big gardens.

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