Rye and Rest

350 lbs of rye on.  Everything is seeded except the garden.

For two days I seeded in moonlight.  The last day we went out earlier and the sun was bright overhead and everything looked golden.  After two days of sowing in twilight with bats flitting overhead and the beautiful moon rising, everything looked so clear and straightforward.  A stretch of ground I had been tripping over the time before was quick and easy to walk over. All the obstacles were easy to see and the rest of the field was seeded in the blink of an eye.

Rose helped me seed the last stretch.  She skipped and tiptoed around the field, tossing rye seeds like a hyperactive rye fairy.  She sowed at least 10 lbs.  It will help fill in the gaps I missed while I was stumbling around the field in the moonlight, having my ankles scratched by unseen mowed blackberry stems.  We sang the pentatonic song that we have sung for our circle every homeschooling day in November:

Golden Light is fading gray,
Mists begin to rule the day
Bare the trees their branches lift,
Clouds of dead leaves earthward drift.

Through the field the farmer goes,
Sowing rye and corn he goes
Trusts the earth to keep it warm,
Shelter it from cold and harm.

Really “ripened corn” instead of “rye and corn”, but we had to work rye in somehow.  We got rain over the weekend.  It was all seeded just in time.  I haven’t been out to see if it has sprouted.  I have been really sick the past few days.  It’s been difficult for everyone.  Ethan took over homeschool/housework for me on Monday and Tuesday.  He almost freaked out when I showed him my to-do list for the day, so I simplified it as much as possible.  Monday went smoothly, Tuesday everyone got on each others nerves, and I was so ready to be out of bed just to stop all the conflicts.  I’m finally on the mend today.  It’s been an intense illness, and I’m so glad to be feeling better finally.

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