The Teeniest, Tiniest Milkmaid

Rose has been taking a break from milking lately, which is probably a good thing with how short the days are becoming.  Of course I miss our chats, but I am sure she will come back to it again.

Meanwhile, Clothilde and I were doing the chores together and she ended up being very helpful with the goats.  Her very favorite thing of all, and this might also have something to do with being two, is to be helpful.  She put their barley in and even tried milking Firefly.  I was so impressed with how much of the milking routine she knew because she is rarely there while I am milking (I always worry she will be trampled by an overeager goat or kicked by Matilda).

She had such confidence when she squeezed a few drops into the milk collecting jar.  She has grown up with it, after all.  I remember one of the first things she did when she first began walking was tuck a little plastic cup underneath our cat Teasel and try to milk Teasel’s fluffly fat flab on her belly that really does have a strong resemblance to an udder (sorry, Teasel).  Teasel was NOT amused.

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  1. Jayne Marti says:

    She is gorgeous, like a little angel with that lovely hair. You will have a helper for life now, nothing like your own milk.


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