Crazy Birthday Weekend

We had a crazy birthday weekend.  With Rose’s seventh birthday coming up on Tuesday, the celebrating has begun.  She requested going out to Satchel’s  for pizza for her birthday dinner.  We did that on Saturday.  We hardly ever go out to eat, maybe once a year, so it was our yearly stop by Satchel’s, the local indie pizza joint.  They have a playground, which is the biggest reason Rose requested to go there, but they also have good pizza.  We saw a bunch of people we knew from Tall Pines school and also met a few new friends.

(This is Rose opening a card and presents we got in a mysterious package that arrived last week – Thank you, Dinah!!  She has already made a necklace with the beading kit!)

Then on Sunday we celebrated her birthday with presents and cake at my inlaws’ house.  More cake and presents to come for Tuesday – that’s how it is with lots of family close by!  We always have two Thanksgivings and often three Christmases!

Of course the children don’t complain.


Mirin was the only casualty of the weekend – earlier on Sunday Rose’s friend from school had a birthday party at the park.  Mirin was pretending to be a dragon and tripped over a vine and hit his head.  He’s mostly recovered today, and anyway he was hoping for some kind of forehead scar so he could be Harry Potter for Halloween.

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