Nature Finds: Dog Fennel is the Place to Party Now



  Green Lynx spider eating love bugs (I thought they looked toxic!)
We have some redwood-like dog fennel in one of the pastures where I limed with a generous hand.  I’ve never seen the stalks grow so thick and tall anywhere.  Mirin brought one of the stalks home and it is as tall as the house.  I guess we REALLY need lime.  All the plants that like acid soil – the blackberries, dog fennel and broomsedge – all got enormous when I limed that spot.  That’s how horribly acidic it is.
Apparently with the goldenrod beginning to fade prematurely this year due to the early cool weather, the dog fennel is the place to be.  It’s little flowers smell very fragrant, and I imagine that attracts a lot to it.  You can’t brush past it without some sort of creepy insect jumping onto your face.

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