Growing Greens

Whew, it’s been a rough week around here.  I stayed home from the farm on Wednesday to rest, and Mirin was so kind as to watch Clothilde while Ethan did the chores.  He told me he made her walk all over the farm so she would sleep well!  (She did, too!)

The fall greens are growing so nicely – although these tend to do really well.  Nothing is large enough to pick yet, but soon.  I’ll admit to tasting a leaf of the Tokyo Bekana because I was curious.  It was delicious and mild.  The daikon radishes and turnips have come up by now and have not yet been devoured by rabbits, so this is already an improvement over last year!

We are nearly finished reading E.Nestbit’s The Book of Dragons for Michaelmas/Mabon/the equinox.  I loved this book when I was a child.  I had always thought E. Nesbit was male, but when we looked “him” up this year, I found out she was Edith Nesbit, and a very amazing woman.  It’s funny how that sort of thing can make such a difference in perception, but reading it this year and knowing a little about her, I felt such an admiration for who she was and her sense of humor.

This week in the midst of feeling queasy and tired, I started re-assessing our homeschooling plan.  I told Mirin I was thinking of abandoning Macramé, since the last session he spent rolling around on the floor sobbing in frustration.  He was so surprised and said he loved Macramé and it was his favorite thing and he wanted to do more, even though it was hard.  So funny how our perceptions as parents can be so different from what is going on for the child!

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