It’s been horribly hot the past few days.  Mid-nineties and steam-bath humidity.  No fun.  But our weather karma seems to have shifted a little, as all week we have been heading home just as the huge black booming clouds are descending and showering the garden and pastures with cooling and much-needed rain (and dramatic lightening).  I actually got to see a lightening strike happen just down the road while we were driving home one day.  It was incredible.

Clothilde was sick and feverish today, which does not bode well for us.  Resting is almost impossible between the toddler and the farm.  She actually napped today for a short time, so it must be fairly severe.  Only the worst ones slow her down.  I am hoping it is roseola or something we adults have already dealt with.  None of my children have ever gotten roseola, although we have been exposed to it quite a lot.  I think it must be the passive immunity they get from breastmilk, because I had it as a small child.  My fingers are still crossed, however.

Despite the heat advisory warnings, I took the girls to the park yesterday morning for lack of something better to do.  We are immune to the heat by now.  I have been so tired (probably getting sick) and I was hoping it would wear Clothilde out enough that she would sleep a tiny bit before it was chore time.  We had the park entirely to ourselves, and it was wonderful.  All the little kiddie equipment was still in the shade, and I managed to bring cool water and strawberries.  It was the first time ever that we have been the only family at the park.  Clothilde was delighted that she could push the empty merry-go-round as slowly as she has always wanted to.

Mirin stayed home and bottled his lacto-fermented sodas he has been really into making with my mom.  When we got home, he and my mother were really pushy about having all of us try the sodas, but I was feeling too hot and dehydrated.  Ethan was home by then, so we went next door and missed the dramatic gastrointestinal explosion the wild plum soda apparently triggered in both children.  My mom had to open all the windows and air the whole house out.  It has been re-named “Bum Soda” instead of Plum Soda, and “Johnny-jump-up-and-run-to-the-bathroom.”  It’s also possible they are just getting whatever illness Clothilde has, as she had a similar thing happen earlier in the week.

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