Persian Feast

 With all four baby boy goats now in the freezer and lots of eggplant, cucumber and pumpkin from the garden, my mom hosted a Persian feast with a bunch of friends from Iran.  This was the Mokhalafat – the accompaniments to the main dishes with fresh chopped vegetables from the garden, lacto-fermented pickles, homemade goat cheese, and sliced limes.

My mom cooked almost everything, but I roasted the kid with salt, pepper, olive oil and fresh crushed garlic.  It was tender and mild and tasted a lot like lamb.  I made a sauce with onions and plums to go with it.  I don’t think it turned out exactly Persian – it was one of the only recipes we could find.  For some reason there are hardly any Iranian recipes that come up on Google.  But everyone was very kind and polite about it.  Our friends brought rice (we were glad because they are particular about how it turns out) and fresh herbs.  It was wonderful to have everyone together, hearing Farsi spoken, and learning more about their culture.

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