Visiting Maw Maw

Ethan’s grandmother recently had a bad fall and broke both her ankle and leg – one on each side.  She was not doing very well, but is better now that she is out of the hospital and at home.  We managed to finally go down for a short visit.  We were all happy to see each other.  It was complicated, involving Ethan waking up seriously early to do the chores, and borrowing my in-law’s minivan.  The AC was so functional in it (something we are not used to with our vehicles) that we all got cold and had to turn it off!  Of course Mirin brought his skateboard, which rolled around in the van with us, and became a stroke of genius when we reached Maw Maw’s house and we found there was a new wheelchair ramp built over the stairs.

We thought we managed to bring everything, and had planned to make sandwiches for lunch, but forgot to buy bread along with cheese and other provisions!  We had some Wasa crackers we used instead, luckily.  We’re just glad we remembered to bring the toddler at least.  My mother-in-law packed a big bag of all sorts of things for the beach, making everything so much easier.

We ended the day meeting some friends at the beach who live close by and we hardly ever see.  The kids got some of their energy out and I got to chat with my friend Jean about homeschooling and life.  It was so nice to get away for a bit and visit, although Ethan and I feel like the living dead after all the effort it took!  Ethan is so lucky to still have his grandmother (she is 96 this year!).  She is the last great-grandparent on both sides of the family.

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