Shaken up

This season for me is what I think many people up north experience in February.  February here is light and beautiful, everything is in bloom and it’s pleasant to be outside. 

Right now, however, the heat is intense and exhausting.  The bugs are horrible.  We can barely get out to feed the animals because of all the thunder and lightening storms that come through, much less catch up on much needed maintenance.  I just want to sit on the couch in the AC, reading and knitting!  Of course I can’t – or I could and the toddler would destroy the house.  These are the dark days on the other side of the solstice.

Mirin almost killed himself yesterday with an adventure in the pig pen.  The pigs are huge and we are always telling him NOT to play in the pig pen.  He always wants to because that’s where the old homestead was, and he finds interesting jars, pieces of metal and shards of porcelain.  Ethan had told him he could go in after he had fed the pigs.  That way they would be eating and wouldn’t chase him.

He went in before the pigs were fed because he was impatient to be in there.  They went after him, so he climbed a dead tree and fell when the branch he was holding broke and also broke two branches under him on the way down.  He said he had to beat the pigs off with the branches.  He couldn’t call for help at first because the wind was knocked out of him.  He got a nasty scrape on his forehead and his back from falling against the rough bark.  He was okay, just shaken up.  He has always not really believed us when we try to tell him something is a bad idea.  He likes to experience things for himself.  I told him that if he was going to not listen to us, he’d better at least have better common sense!

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