Bored and a Sword

 I keep getting these ridiculous calls from my mother next door.

“Mirin’s so bored he’s crying,” she’ll say.  “Can I please put a video on for him?”

“No!” I reply.  “Make him go outside to play!”

 My dad even came over the other night to tell us he’s worried Mirin will grow up deprived if he can’t watch movies every night and play Minecraft.

I think it was different for their generation.  People who played around on computers back then actually had to learn a lot about programming, because nothing was very well set up.  They don’t realize that these days everything is spoon-fed, and playing around on the computer is only passive entertainment.  They don’t understand that I want my children to be able to entertain themselves, to learn to be creative and imaginative. 

In the depths of boredom, Mirin created a beautiful sword this week.  Naturally, he left it lying around for the toddler to pick up:

 Clothilde is the kind of kid who knows exactly what to do with a sword, of course.  See, boredom is good.  So much more creatively stimulating than a passively entertaining screen.

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