Nature Finds: Fungus….and something else

We found this cool fungus on the stump in front of the house.  It started out as a creamy, textured lump that I thought was cat puke.  It “bloomed” a few days later.

 This fungus was at the farm and was being grazed by big ants.  You can see one on it near the bottom.  I think they look like carpenter ants.  Some sort of stinkhorn fungus, perhaps?

And then….I thought this was a picture of a slime mold or maybe a slug, but when I asked Ethan he admitted actually it was one of his poo photo collections….

He insisted these be put up:

Unmannered possum?  I was appalled to find it on the edge of our outdoor sink.  I’ll admit it was kind of cool the way it had iridescent flecks in it, presumably from all the dung beetles it (whatever it was) had eaten.

This is supposed to be a picture of the fly eggs on a cow pie.  Man, I wish we could get the chickens on more of the pasture!  The flies are always a presence in the summer.  They haven’t been too, too terrible yet this year.  I think we have been building up a huge dung beetle population, which helps.  I’ve seen them make a rush at a fresh one, and all around the outside of the older pies are dirt piles.

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