Little Devils

 I hope the piglets aren’t getting boring.  They are just so cute.  Little devils, I can’t help thinking when I’m watching them play.  They are almost as naughty as the goats, only they haven’t gotten into the garden and eaten the corn (yet). 

They look like they’re up to something.  They’ll pause and watch us watching them, looking guilty.

 Then they decide they might be in danger and all together they run back to mama with their little ears flapping.

And they ARE up to something.  We put a cross fence up so they could have their own paddock and not be in with enormous “Mama Bee,” the other sow.  She is absolutely huge.  Ethan says “Bee” stands for “Beast.”
We were worried she would eat the piglets, but they have apparently been slipping through and visiting with her and Trespassers William.

One afternoon I brought the pigs some watermelon rinds.  The piglets tried to join in and nibble some around Star, but she gave them a big shove and they flew squealing through the air a good three feet.  I guess she doesn’t put up with much.

TW, Star and the piglets were all in their wallow when we drove up yesterday.  It’s just a shallow, muddy spot on the front of the paddock that stays filled with a little water.  It’s hot.  The wallow looks green and disgusting, but it helps them keep cool and there are all sorts of tadpoles in it.  We can hear frogs singing there at night.  Water is scarce out here, so I’m glad they provided a new little habitat niche for some aquatic creatures. 

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