Second Recital

There were some long-awaited preparations going on Sunday afternoon as we got Rose ready for her second ballet recital.

We are not used to make-up!  Especially not stage make-up.  But it turned out pretty good thanks to my amazing mother-in-law, Griselda.

Clothilde even “sat” through most of the show (we did everyone a favor and removed her at intermission).  It helped that she had six laps to crawl between.

The show was Beauty and the Beast.  Some of the older dancers were amazingly talented.  Our favorite part, of course, was when our little dancer was on.
 Afterwards, it was a special treat to find her best friend from school was part of the show, too!

(Her bouquet was a homegrown one from the garden!  Cilantro flowers, yarrow, daisy fleabane, flowering basil, and roses.  It smelled good enough to eat, and in fact Rose was eating bits of it on the way home.)

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