Fruit from the Earth

 The peaches have been amazing this year!  We had even more than I’d thought on the trees.  Mirin had a “momotaro” peach he called it that he’s been watching ripen for weeks that he finally got to eat the other day.  The squirrels in town have destroyed almost every peach on our trees by the house, but at the farm a big old owl comes and sits by the orchard every evening to hunt, and there’s a pair of mating hawks we see often.  The farm squirrels keep very close to the forest.

Every day we each pick a peach to eat fresh, but we also brought some home with the early rabbiteye blueberries with cream and grain-free coconut pound cake.  A fresh peach right off the tree is so delicious.  Also extra fuzzy.  I guess all the handling of the store peaches wears some of the fuzz off.  For so many years we’ve watched these trees grow, and it seemed like we would never get fruit from them.

The chanterelle mushrooms are out since it rained.  Here is one of our omelettes – mushrooms, horsemint and fresh eggs.

We got some good rain, and the corn seedlings are sprouting!  It is so hopeful to see them growing at last.  They were in the freezer for so long I was afraid they wouldn’t grow at all.

Someone asked me what the eggs of Squash Vine Borer moths look like.  Here’s a picture of one.  They look like tiny brown spots on the stems.  They seem to really like laying eggs on the tender little leaves and buds, but I have also found a lot just above the ground on the main stem.  I pick them off into soapy water, just in case just scratching them off isn’t enough to keep them from hatching.

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