We are all so tired from the Folk Festival.  This year the “Florida Remembered” area that we participate in was not in the usual nice, central spot under an oak tree by the Folk Life stage.  Instead there was a guy with chainsaw carvings.  They put us WAY far away beyond the dumpsters and portapotties.  I’m afraid it was a little like being seated “below the salt.”

There was a good deal of uphill walking to do to get to anything else.  Of course there were the usual golf cart shuttles for the non-athletic and decrepit, but Clothilde was absolutely terrified of them.  We thought she would love riding on them, so we tried to catch a ride up to the Old Marble stage on Friday.  It turned out to be the golf cart ride from hell as Clothilde screamed hysterically the whole way and everyone stared.

Otherwise, it was wonderful, but that’s why we are extra, extra tired this year from lugging the toddler all over the place.  I think we might only go for one day next year if Clothilde is still scared of golf carts. 

All the children were so busy running and playing all day they almost forgot to eat or drink unless they were reminded.  We made some new friends and Mirin helped build the chickee with Willie.  There is a special way that the fronds are twisted onto the poles.  It got a real test, because on Sunday afternoon it rained torrentially and Mirin said it was still dry under the chickee.

It was extremely hot, but every afternoon we went and cooled off in the Suwanee River.

So we’re resting up today.  There’s still some work that needs done in the garden, and of course the regular chores.  But the happy feeling from new friends, beautiful music and fun still lingers.  Oh, and the chigger bites do, too.

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