Nature Finds

We found a little mouse in the barn!  He must be eating the spilled oats.  He (or she, I suppose) was so small.  It could jump shockingly high and tried to climb a tree to get away from us.  We let it go, of course, after we took a picture.  It was so cute.  I think we have quite a lot of mice around, judging from the number of snakes we also have, as well as the big old owl that comes and sits right on the garden gate in the evenings.

 We found a glass lizard in the yard.  There were actually two of them (just friendly?  Or friends with benefits?).  They are lizards with no legs, and their tails will fall off if they are distressed.  We see them often, usually in the spring time.

A patent leather beetle?  We’ve had so many beetles lately.  I think they really like the permaculture beds in the garden for some reason.  I find all sorts of beetle grubs when I’m transplanting starts.  A lot of them are probably dung beetles, of course.

 The garden has some impressively huge crickets in there, but keeping up with them are some equally impressive wolf spiders.  Sometimes I find a mama with it’s babies on it’s back, or an egg case.  I wish they ate the squash vine borers.

This was a really cool caterpillar the kids found at the farm.  I’ll ask my dad, the butterfly guy, what it is.  He told me, but I’ve forgotten already.  Will have to add notes to this one.

The slime molds are gearing up in the garden.  I wonder if this is one of the “dog vomit” varieties.  I’m not terribly familiar with slime molds, except about how they act like plants, animals and fungi all at once, and simultaneously congregate in one spot with perfect conditions, although they start out in different places.

This is my favorite – a blooming moss garden on the outdoor shower.

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