Celebrating Easter

Easter is one of my favorite holidays.  I love how strongly the old pagan customs are still involved in our lives – and in the Christian churches most of all!  It must have been so important, this holiday, that people just refused to give it up.  I love the strong fertility symbols that are still the focus – eggs, rabbits, light, flowers and rebirth.

This year I’m glad we celebrated Ostara and Easter.  It gave us some slack to compensate for my disorganization.  Otherwise, Easter might have been a teensy bit disappointing.  (I’ll admit – I actually forgot about Easter until I causally glanced at my calendar for the first time in weeks on Wednesday evening).

Since months ago a bobcat massacred our laying flock, we only had nine eggs to dye.  But we did dye them!  And with the traditional home made natural dyes.  That meant that each kid only got to find three eggs each (It was an extra hard egg hunt).

As just a few weeks ago we had painted blown eggs for an Ostara tree, the big kids took it all in stride.  We also had made egg people by sprouting rye in halves of egg shells with faces drawn.

And luckily the Easter bunny’s lack of hideable eggs was also eclipsed by the fact that I finally got around to making hot cross buns this year.  Mirin has begged for hot cross buns all year long, and he finally got to try them.  I didn’t get a picture of them before they were eaten, but they were pretty good.

So now that Easter’s over (whew!) I can focus on my 30th birthday that is coming up faster than I’d like it to.
See, there are good reasons to glance at a calendar occasionally!

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