It was stormy yesterday evening when we were doing the chores, so Mirin and Rose decided to build a new kind of shelter.  It was built on The Pit, which has become a famous feature of the farm (this is actually the second and more respectable pit).  When kids come to visit, the pit gets a little larger and children end up having to be dragged away screaming and begging for more time.  We invited Mirin’s cub scout troop out last summer and apparently this was the biggest highlight.  When one little scout came out to celebrate Mirin and Rose’s birthdays, he leaped from his car saying, “Where’s this pit I’ve been hearing about?”

Every kid should have a pit, no?

Ethan helped a little with the first knots, but Mirin cut all the stakes and Rose helped put the roof up.

 (Please forgive the quality of the photos.  It was nearly dark by then)

They did some more digging to shape the sides and created a great entrance slide.  It’s about four feet deep now.  When we were out earlier so I could milk Nougat, all three of them played in the pit, making a nice break for my back to not have to crouch down under a kicking goat with the baby in the Ergo.  It reminded me of the Incan women in Peru who would dig a pit to keep toddlers safe while they worked on the very steep terraced mountain fields.  There’s so much entertainment for a toddler in a pit!

Yes, every kid should certainly have at least one.

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