Two New Kids

May’s baby was born last week.  He looks just like May!  And he got the long Nubian ears that are so adorable.  May has tons of milk this time.  Mirin and Rose are bitterly disappointed that all the babies so far are boys.  They were both hoping to name them after My Little Ponies.  (I am sort of embarrassed to say.  We don’t even own a TV, but they’ve watched the cartoon on Netflix at their grandparents’ house.)

We’ve been reading Tom Sawyer aloud on our drives to the farm and back, so we are calling them after the characters in the story.  This one’s Tom.  He seems unusually photogenic for a baby goat.  Or maybe he was too freshly born to jump around crazily.

Firefly also kidded last week.  It was another boy!!  So much for the dreams of calling him Twilight Sparkle!  Nope, he’s Sid.  He wasn’t even born with the weird African Pygmy goat waddles like the other two.  It’s so entertaining to watch them playing.  Two more mamas are due this week!

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