Two Gardens

I do hope this becomes more of a habit.
I thought I might write a little about the gardens–my winter garden, and my dreams for the summer garden–

Thanks to our friend Danny, we found a wonderful source of horse manure.  It’s a horse-boarding place, there’s tons and tons of it, and they are so happy for us to haul it away.  We also found some huge pieces of cardboard, so garden construction is underway.

Here it is– the whole side of the garden–15 beds and all, not counting the corn and pumpkins.
This past week I was worrying I may have been over ambitious this year.  But we only have five more beds to build–two more loads of manure to haul away.
Last summer’s garden was a smallish garden.  It only took up a quarter of the space, and I built three permaculture beds around the corn patch.  Everything did so well, but I ran out of room.  It changed my gardening philosophy in that I only planted a few plants of each thing and nurtured them along.  It was so shockingly productive that way.  Before I had been planting dozens of plants in hopes I’d get a handful of something out of them, but it was too big and there were too many to really care for them all.
This year I am only planting a few plants of each thing, but I really want to give everything the space it needs.  So that’s why the garden is so big this year.

We had such a busy late summer/fall last year, that the winter garden was not really well done.  I actually ended up buying starts this year instead of trying my own starts.  I finally did get some nice kale to grow.

We have potatoes starting to peek out, and some of the carrots did sprout at last.

The onion patch is doing well this year.  I did two different kinds of beds with them, and it turns out the most back-breaking one to build did the very best.  Oh well.

I’m even getting a tiny bit of cabbage.  We also have a revolutionary hoop-house for cold protection.  I’ll admit, this is the first year the winter garden didn’t just freeze and get eaten by rabbits.  It’s been kind of shocking, really.

Now that so many things have gone to seed, there’s not too much growing there now, except the borage.  She is certainly queen of the garden at the moment, and I enjoy her beauty every day.  I even made an herb cream cheese spread from the leaves.

Younger Buckthorne is doing quite well.  He was jumping about playfully yesterday.  Firefly is due today, and May tomorrow, so there just might be a new baby goat at some point today.

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