Another One!

When we went out yesterday afternoon to do the chores, Chestnut had just had her baby!
It’s another boy.  She was cleaning him off and mooing to him.

I can tell she’s going to be a really good mama.  She knew just what to do.  He was already starting to hop around playfully.  The other calves were there, too, and spent a lot of time running around with their tails up and playing with the dog.  Geranium made a fuss about this at first (she hates the dog), but they all ignored her and kept playing.

Here’s Geranium’s calf having a nursing break.  We have decided to name her Flora after the Flora danica buttery milk culture.

Here’s Matilda and baby, when he wasn’t running about crazily.  I love the funny way they lift their tails when they’re running and playing.

And my baby was there, too!  Lots of babies this year!

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