This was the first cake Mirin’s ever made–it was a meringue made with our eggs and cream with raspberries (from the store–alas!  I wish we could grow raspberries!).

I went to the farm last Sunday with the baby in tow (her first ever trip to the farm!).  I can’t say she enjoyed the car ride at all–actually she hated it, but she slept through most of me throwing rye grass and clover seeds along the first line.  (I almost finished the whole line, but have been very stiff and sore all week–we are looking to find someone with a spreader/seeder to do the rest of the seeding and fertilizing.  It’s just too much this year!).

The garden has truly been transformed.  The cows did an amazing job eating and knocking just about everything down.  I was surprised to see how autumn-ish it looks out there.  The leaves are falling and changing and the autumn flowers are all blooming.  The grass has that unhealthy brown tinge it gets when it starts getting too cool for it.  A lot changed in only four weeks.

I was sitting in the hammock with the baby when Ethan went to collect Mairie for milking.  Before he left he said he had maybe 45 minutes to an hour left for milking–depending on how slowly Mairie went into the milking shed.  I noticed there were quite a lot more strands to the “brain cage” now than there used to be.
A few minutes later I heard him saying, “Come on, Mairie!” from above the orchard.  Baby Clo and I walked to the milking paddock to chase the ducks away (that hasn’t changed a bit!) and to help I called her and knocked on the side of a bucket.  Thirty seconds later Mairie came charging into the milking paddock and got right in the milking shed.  When Ethan finally caught up, panting, he said very ruefully that she never, ever moves that fast usually.  He said she heard me call her and just picked up her heels and ran.  He was just a little bit insulted.  I ended up milking her that evening while Ethan held the baby.   Mairie turned out to be deathly afraid of the baby, so they wandered around until Mairie was unclipped again.  It was so nice to be milking again.  There is something so comfortingly rhythmical about milking and the way it must be done at the same time every day.  It made me feel back in sorts.

The first few days this week I felt so happy.  I think I’ve been really missing being out and doing the chores, without realizing it.  It’s nice to stay home and rest, but there are so many things I missed–walking a long way over the ground and not asphalt, the sweet fresh smells, my animals, seeing the small changes every day in nature, the beautiful sunsets, and being able to look so far away with my eyes–in town we have so many trees in our neighborhood, I feel like my eyes haven’t gotten to look far away enough.

It was nice to be back.

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