The Littlest Milkmaid

Rose always likes to help me with the milking.  Sometimes she actually helps to milk, but usually she stands by my side and rubs Matilda’s round belly, and laughs when we get whacked by Matilda’s tail.

She always insists that I save a little for her in the milking pail to drink warm and fresh and very sweet.

Fresh milk is the best!

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  1. darius says:

    Hooray for both of you!


  2. greenbasket says:

    I can't find any bio on your blog, do you sell anything to the public or are you producing for your family only? I love your pictures and really enjoy reading about what's going on with your farm. I can only farm vicariously right now and it's wonderful to read about what's going on here where I live too!


  3. Dear Greenbasket,

    Sorry about the lack of a bio–in an effort to re-do the blog I recently deleted it and have not had time to write a new one!
    We do sell some things when we have extra…we are still very small and are still getting things like fences etc. set up and figured out. It's nice to meet you, thanks for posting! I took a look at your site–I would have totally wanted to go to the sausage-making workshop!


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