January Yarn Along

Winter weeds

Winter weeds



Knitting fisherman sweater

Cable patterns

Cabled pullover

The very cold weather and hard frosts of January are upon us,  completely taking everyone by surprise, as usual.  The weather changes very quickly here. New Year’s Eve was almost warm.  It wasn’t  until we were sitting around a New Year’s fire that night that the first gust of cold wind blew down from far above the tops of the trees.

All night the wind came in roaring gusts across the pastures, and the morning felt bitterly cold.  Little droplets fluttered from the sky, and under my broad hat brim and into my eyes,  almost like small flakes of snow,  gathering in huge, pearly dew drops on the beautiful green tapestry of winter weeds in the fallow places of the garden, and studding the thick winter coats on the cow’s backs with a fine mist of diamonds.

Perfect weather for knitting by the fire, beside a cup of steaming tea! I can see why they always drink tea in England. The sun might be covered by layers of clouds,  but the stove is alight with the heat and warmth of summers past. The cats, wisely,  are joining me.  

I just finished this challenging cabled raglan pullover for a friend,  mostly my own design except the cables,  after more than a year of not knitting much but lace,  and having failed at my last ambitious cardigan design attempt with complicated color work (I messed up the gauge somehow,  and it was too heartbreaking to start over again once I realized! ). Somehow it’s harder to knit for other people.  I think with family,  there’s the assumption they will deal with whatever comes off the needles. The notes are on ravelry,  though they aren’t perfect,  I certainly made a few mistakes. 

I’ve had a request for a hat that I am working on now,  in the same yarn,  Rowan worsted,  a quick- knitting weight I’m enjoying working with. 

Cat by fire

Wishing you warmth today from beside the fire! 

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  1. Ravenna says:

    I think I’m a little envious of all of that green! Everything is always so dead in the cold of our winters. Snuggling up by a fire with tea, cats and knitting sounds like a perfect way to pass the time. Beautiful. 🙂


    1. Thank you! It’s true, i should appreciate the green! The winter is one of our nicest seasons, it helps balance out the 98 degree, 100% humidity summer days that are so miserable.


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